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Book of Spells Curl up on the sofa and join the Hubbell Bubbell book group.... Want to talk about Films or Television.. feel free to do it here....

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Old 07-08-2017, 10:58 AM
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Well, it was definitely Ladies Night in Cornwall last evening - Laudanum Liz tore Tiny George a new one, Rowella Chynoweth, who I always sensed was a minx, scored a beauty over the Revolting Rev and secured both her librarian and a goodly sum of money, timid Morwenna finally found some courage - and Demelza got her freak on with poor Handsome Hugh!

As for Rawws - pah - you're gorgeous, but I'm fed up with you and your 'ideals', you noble ninny!

Despite the injuries sustained by drippy Drake as well as the total wreck of his home and livelihood, all you did last night was play soldiers with your friends and minions and use them to threaten other friends and minions - yes, probably with good reason to prevent them all being deported or hanged - but did you have to be so sanctimonious about it?

And you roped divine Dwight into it too - I'm sure he'd have been much happier at home, playing with Horace and Caroline - it serves you right that Demelza paid you out in your own coin - I would have done it weeks ago, although I'd have chosen a warmer venue than amongst the sand dunes on what looked like quite a chilly day!

Highlights of the week - the return of Geoffrey Charles and Tiny George crying - the latter quite made my evening - and after he'd already had the face eaten off him by Sir Francis too!

'Pail of sick' moment - drippy Drake crouching behind the gatepost while Morwenna tearfully proclaimed her undying love for him - it was akin to being fed forcibly with honey!

So - our 'Poldark' watch is over for another year - and we were left with Rawws doing what he does best, staring moodily to camera and contemplating his future as an MP, presumably unaware that the corruption and class inequality which has Kernow in a pickle is as nothing compared to that he'll find in the House of Commons!
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Old 07-08-2017, 12:11 PM
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Well I thoroughly enjoyed the whole series - I think it was much better than the first two, although I'm not sure who is the most annoying - drippy Drake or sad moon faced Morwenna, ideally they would get together as soon as possible and move as far away from Cornwall as possible too. I suppose we are meant to be rooting for them, but I couldn't care less about either of them as Mr Whitworth and Miss Rowella are much more fun to watch.

I see Morwenna and Rowella had two more outlandishly named sisters Garalanda and Carenza - where on earth did Winston Graham get those from? I just HAD to have a look and all 4 draw a blank as C18th Christian names in Cornwall - just as Demelza does too ... because Cornwall was always a bit apart from the rest of England I did wonder if they were real names or not and the answer is no. They should have been called Philadelphia, Tryphaena, Parnell and Bathsheba - much more realistic
Carole and Max
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Old 07-08-2017, 06:34 PM
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How did Demelza manage to get jiggy with Hugh amongst the sand dunes and keep her frock clean?? And her hair looked too tidy too...

I almost cheered on Laudanum Liz as she tore a strip off Tiny George, who I noted STILL tried to get one over on Ross when they were both staring out to sea. And even Rowella deserves a cheer...'I'll just post this letter to the Bishop'. I'm not entirely sure she is with child, but Revolting Rev deserves everything he gets. A little bribery is OK by me. I feel a 'Don Giovanni' moment coming there.

Now Ross has decided the he SHOULD be in Parliament...about bloomin' time you dope! But first, dear Ross, sort out your own house.

Not sure I can survive a whole year without being able to gaze moodily onto an equally moody sea without feeling La Mal de mare, but I'll try...

Perhaps the BBC could do something nice and show some repeats that we would like to watch?? Hint, hint...
Linda - cat mad!

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