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Old 26-05-2016, 05:19 PM
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Default Game of Thrones ...

... for those of us who watch it!

I could have cheerfully strangled that selfish little git Brandon Stark this week - thanks to him and his mystical wanderings into the past, the Children of the Forest, the Black Raven, Hodor and Summer are dead!

It seems a great pity to me that he didn't snuff it when Jaime Lannister chucked him out of that window in Series 1!

As for the other Starks - since when did that dip Sansa become some sort of all-powerful leader? I was pleased that she ate the face off Petyr Bailish, and I wouldn't have trusted him either, but why didn't she tell John Snow that she'd turned down the help of the Knights of the Vale? Why?

Sansa'd better not be sending off the wonderful Brienne off to find the Blackfish to get her killed - if Brienne dies, I really will stop watching it! Mind you, I said the same when poor Shaggydog and Summer were murdered!

As for Arya - yaaaawn - apart from the very diverting 'play' she was sent to watch, which, of course, included a gratuitous shot of male genitalia, it's just the same old, same old with her and it's really boring! Her finest hour was when she was knocking around Westeros with the Hound and I'm sure I'm not the only Watcher on the Wall who wishes she'd raze the House of Black and White to the ground (with Jaqen and that stupid Waif girl inside it) and get herself home in time to help John sort Sansa out!

I can't believe another Red Woman has been chucked into the mix - isn't Melisandre enough? She still hasn't paid for burning Princess Shireen at the stake, and now we're stiffed with another one who's threatening Tyrion and Varys!

And breathe!

In any case, all that paled into insignificance when it dawned on me that bliddy Bran had blighted Hodor's entire life by entering his mind when he was just a boy, rendering him a simpleton who could only say one word and had only one purpose - to hold the door and save the self-centred little git from his own crass stupidity!

Well, you held it, you sweet giant - and I, for one, am going to miss you terribly! (insert sobbing icon)
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