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Oh dear - maybe the enchantment is wearing off a bit - I felt faintly disappointed with this episode.

I've now decided that I hate Bran the Self-Centered, and I'm haunted by the notion that he has a big part to play in what remains of the story - this doesn't exactly enthuse me.

Nice to see Benjen Stark again - well - what's left of him - I hope he knows he's doomed for real if he takes up with bliddy Bran! Just ask Hodor and Summer!

Samuel Tarly's home came as a revelation - his hateful, horrible father didn't - I'm glad Sam pinched the family sword, but I'd have liked it more if he'd stabbed his father and brother with it and stayed on with Gilly and his nice Mummy and sister!

Thank the old gods and the new that Arya seems to be coming to her senses - let's hope she giving the Waif a good stitching up with her sword 'Needle' before she exits, stage left, from the crushingly boring House of Black and White!

Okay, let's get on to my biggest disappointment, which - apart from that fool of a Barbie doll sitting yelling the odds on the back of a dragon - was the stand-off on the steps of the Sept!

I was absolutely yearning to see the High Sparrow knocked off his perch and carved into small slices, instead we got the conversion of St Margaery the Smirker - and she's roped soft kid Tommen, First of His Name, to join the horde of unwashed zealots with her.

No wonder Dame Diana Rigg looked p*ssed off - she's so much better than this - I imagine the only thing which kept her on set was the thought of the size of the paycheque!

It just better be much improved next week or I'm joining the ranks of the sceptics again - my hopes are pinned on Jaime and Brienne!
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