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Originally Posted by Princess Leia View Post
I read about 4 of the books - before the TV series really got going, then got a bit bored with all the violence and death

I keep thinking about starting to catch up with the TV series - maybe I'll try watching it from the beginning when Winter comes - never sure if fantasy works once I've read the book and got my own picture of what it looks like though - TV never seems right then !
I was the most scornful sceptic for over five years, Jools - I didn't even watch the box set of Series 1 and 2 which the junior nephew and his partner bought me for Christmas 3 years ago.

I only started to watch because I was bored one afternoon and couldn't find a film I wanted to see, so since all of the seasons of GoT so far were available on Sky+ , I thought I'd give it a go!

Okay - I did that - fell for it hook, line, sinker and copy of 'Angling Times' and binged all five of them in preparation for the start of Season 6 - I freely admit that I'm totally addicted!

Yes, it's full of violence and gratuitous nudity - but the underlying story is just great!
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