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Chris, SPOT ON. I really don't know how I felt about the whole fiasco either! Upset, clearly at the demise of Rhaegal the dragon, sooooo upset about Ghost when Jon just left him without saying goodbye!! But lets face it, Ghost will be a lot better off without him!!

I cannot STAND Barbie, stupid bliddy woman!!! I just knew something bad was going to happen to that dragon. And as for Cersei, I could just slap that smug face right off her head!

Tyrion needs to wake up and smell the roses too!! Gah!!

Brienne, the poor love!! I hope the fans are right about Jaime Lannister going off to kill his sister & saying what he did to keep Ser Brienne out of danger but since when does she need saving?!! I'm sure she's perfectly capable of looking after herself, she's more of a man than Jaime Lannister will ever be that's for sure!!

But yes, it is like watching a train crash in slow mo!!

Excellent write up as always Chris!
Andrea x

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