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Oh my GOD!! I honestly thought I'd replied to your post last week, I'm sure I'd typed it out but it obviously didn't post!!! URGH!! I hate it when that happens!!

I remember my post went a bit like this...

I too HATE Jamie Lannister, I was in tears by the end of that episode but oh how I LOVED the way Lady Tyrell put that knife in at the end!!!!

I giggled when Jon Snow wouldn't bend the knee to barbie the unburnt! Go Jon!! And I loved his reaction when those gorgeous dragons flew overhead!

I REALLY hope Cersei the bitch from hell doesn't managed to 'spear' one of those dragons with that horrific piece of weaponry!!

And poor Sam!! What a way to reward him for curing Ser Jorah!!! I love Sam!!

I am looking forward to tonight's episode! Can't WAIT!!
Andrea x

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