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Hubbell Bubbell is a great way to meet people who have a passion for all things Siamese/Oriental! We share our ups and downs, jokes, experiences and most of all our love for our cats. I love it! - Velveyt

Hubbell Bubbell is a place where I go to be around friends who share my interests. Friends who together have an encyclopaedia of knowledge, and who support each other when things don't seem right. In addition, we have lots of fun and laughter, share jokes and good times. All in all, a great place to be! - Malimaisiemozart

Hubbell Bubbell for me has been a place to share with other breeders & like minded Siamese Cat devotee's all the up & downs of not just cat related issues, but all of life's dilemma's. I would be lost without my daily dose of HB chat, all of my virtual friendships have been affirmed at the meets we have. I consider HB to a fountain of knowledge & experience both shared and aired between a very happy & tight knit group of Cat lovers who are always open & welcoming to new members…come & join us, you are assured of a warm welcome… - TinaB

A very friendly place, a place to share your ups and downs, lots of experienced owners and breeders willing to share their knowledge and experience - Sue_McP

The members of Hubbell Bubbell saved my sanity and eased my grief when I lost my Seal-point kitten Daisy to FIP in September last year. I have never known such kindness and understanding coming from so many lovely people. Thank you to all those who sent me messages and for making me feel not so alone at that sad time of my life. I now visit the forum every day and often post messages and photos. Long live Hubbell Bubbell! - Tasha

I joined Hubbell Bubbell last August in desperation and at the end of my tether from trying to cope with a shy new Siamese girlie - by the end of the first day I was overwhelmed and in tears of gratitude at the warmth, friendship and sterling advice and support I'd been given by the Hubblers. Since that moment, I've hardly missed a day - it's a wonderful community and I love to catch up on news, have a giggle, have a cry, learn something new. I visit a few other forums, but this one really is la creme de la creme! - Lucia

A growing family rather than a cat chat site. Since I joined, I have learned so much, there is a wealth of experience and knowledge amongst the members here.
I have laughed at the antics on line, the stories of everyday life and naughty cats. I have laughed with the people I have met, and made friends with. I have also cried at tragic reports of illness and loss. I have stayed on-line for hours waiting and hoping for positive reports after veterinary visits, or waiting for pictures of a new kitten to arrive safely at it's new home. I love it. - Pippyoak

Hubbell is probably the friendlest place to be, a place to meet, and find help, they make you laugh when you feel sad, and give you a shoulder to cry on, they will become your kind, likeminded friends on a forum that is easy to use, and always there when you need someone to talk to, or need help of any kind. - Audrey

If I didnt have Hubbell Bubbell
I think that I would be in trouble,
I make time every day,
To see what members say,
So to Anna - say hip, hip, hooray!!!!! - Suegen

Warm, welcoming, friendly - and informative! Hb is the elite of forums! A support for those who need a friendly caring shoulder, with buddies to celebrate those special moments with, and mates to tell corny jokes to! At any time of the day or night! I would be bereft without it! -  KayS

I would like to say that in HB I have found a lovely way to indulge my new found passion of Siamese cats with kind, likeminded friends on a forum that is so friendly, easy to use, and best of all, always there! I love It! Thanks to Anna and all moderaters. - Penny (and of course Apollo!) xx