Welcome to Hubbell Bubbell

Hubbell Bubbell was born in January 2005.

The baby of Anna Shafto of Hubbell Siamese, the phenomenon that now is Hubbell Bubbell had arrived. The ethos was to build a Siamese Cat Chat board which based itself on a friendly atmosphere, respecting people and their views, whilst maintaining and upholding the guidelines and rules of the GCCF.

Quickly to come on board were Georgina of Mystic-Tree, Lesley of Spireshadow Siamese and Jools a dedicated Siamese lover and owner, together we chatted, watched and moderated the board until a community started to grow with the help of early members Audrey of Magical Siamese, Chrissi, Carole, Susan, Sharon, Fay, TinaB and many others, too many to mention here!

There have been many ups and downs on Hubbell Bubbell, competition and tears, members and friends have come and gone, like ashes from the fire what has arisen is a great feeling of community and friendship.

Hot on the heels of Hubbell Bubbell, Siamese Planet was built to enable a wider audience of Siamese Lovers to be able to find the breeder of their own choice. SP was to become as huge as HB and now publishes the GCCF show results on a weekly basis with the help of its team of show reporters.

In 2006 the decision had to be made to charge a £10 joining fee to access certain areas of the board and to have certain board priviledges, this was to pay for the growing costs of a server that can handle the millions of hits HB has a month, the charge was accepted by the majority of regulars and has enabled the board to have even more of a community feel.

Hubbell Show Scene

Many of the members of Hubbell Bubbell show their beloved cats, up and down the country HB Members can be seen in huddles laughing and sharing their wins and friendship.